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Creative Developer
Web Designer

I’m a freelance Designer & Developer based in London, specialising in building tailor-made websites with Webflow.
Joanna Herman

I help start-ups and creative businesses grow online with beautifully designed, interactive web experiences built with Webflow.

Joanna Herman

Hi! I’m a friendly developer with superpowers in combining 8+ years of full-stack programming experience with a passion for design, the no-code with code, and the human with the pragmatic. 

By leveraging cutting-edge tools and technologies like Webflow, my focus is on creating beautifully designed, engaging, and high-performing websites, to help you achieve results in today’s constantly changing digital environment.

I have worked with start-ups and businesses from wellness, arts, fashion, creative and sustainability sectors. I also partner with studios and designers as a developer.

Selected work


Web Design + Development

Webflow is a fantastic modern platform to build bespoke websites, where anything is possible at a fraction of a time it would take to hand-code the same design. I specialise in extending the capabilities of Webflow with tools such as GSAP and Threejs to achieve dynamic web experiences through motion, beautiful interactions, creative layouts, page transitions and 3D effects.

Your website will be scalable, future-proof and easy to update for non-technical editors.

from $5000, 3+ weeks

What I do:

  • Site mapping
    Web Design
    Web Development
    CMS setup
    Basic SEO
  • Brand styling

Web Development

Are you a designer or studio that needs a developer to bring your designs to life? Perhaps you need help implementing a specific element or functionality, such as integrating a 3rd party tool, setting up a CMS, enlivening the website with some motion or embedding a 3D model? Whether it’s a new build or enhancing an existing website, I got you!

Webflow Maintenance

Do you need comprehensive ongoing support with your Webflow website? At a fixed monthly fee, I offer technical scoping, design and implementation of new features, assistance with content updates, bug fixes and performance optimisations all in one place so your website stays in awesome shape!

Interaction Design

Does your existing website feel flat but you are not ready to invest in a full re-design? I can help you breathe some new life into it by adding some animations and interactions to create a more engaging user experience.


A website audit, developer feedback on your design, advisement of technology choices as they relate to business goals, creative ideas or inspiration to enhance your website, troubleshooting technical issues? Book me for a call to pick my brains and help you with your digital needs.

$100, 90 minutes

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Client love

Client love

Client love

Client love

Client love

Client love

Client love

“Working with Joanna was really easy and intuitive, she completely got my taste and needs. She’s relaxed and effective at the same time. I now have a beautiful online shop to show and sell my artwork to the public, and my students are booking workshops directly from the site, which makes my life easier and looks much more professional.”

—Marta Troya